31 Days, Awake to the Day

I'm reaching far.

Way out of the comfort zone and into the abyss of the unknown world of words, I've signed up.

The pen knows few words while it flies with quick flicks from a starving brain that can only think of 

the "to do's" of motherhood, wifehood, of family and home.

So this, joining a group of great writer's over at
 write31days, and fiveminutefridays to try and uncover the lost art that was 

once loved and 
awake to 31 days unlike any other

To see it with fresh eyes. 

That day's are more than just duties but a divine delay to the molding of a greater purpose, a greater 

Presence, a greater calling.

I'm going it alone. No pre-writing. None of it. Just spare of the moment pen and pad and pray that 

failing is far from these fingers. I've dusted off the keyboard, purred the old steady desktop, poured 

some savory coffee, lite the fall lights.

In speaking to myself, I'm hoping to stir your minds, lighten your loads, bring you

some laughs, some free resources, make some new friends. 

I could fail at this. At all of this, but there's grace and a group of women who know nothing comes

without a stumble or a hardship.

I'll keep it simple these 31 posts. 

Besides from the regular post, I'm hoping to add a "Friday Link to Make you Think," and a weekly day to share your "hallelujahmoment or place" with us. 

I want to get to know you! 

I'm also working on a giveaway at the end of the session so share and stay tuned! 

Most of all that happens here, happens over at the 
hallelujah place facebook page. So check daily in case notifications aren't working correctly. Also, follow along on instagram
where I'm hoping to post a new, real life, about me picture daily.

I'm looking forward to it, so join me, share, enlighten.

Here's the list and I'll link up after each post becomes live.

Awake to the Day~31

1). Intro
2). Awaken Beginnings


  1. Hi Bonnie, thank you for your sharing of heart and hope filled writing! Visiting over from 31days and looking forward to the journey.

    1. Thank you, Jenneth. Looking forwrd to this journey as well.

  2. Welcome to the challenge, Bonnie! Having read this, I suspect you'll be pleasantly surprised by the words that pour from your pen (or keyboard) this month :)

    1. Thank you, Emily. I'm hoping to be surprised by the abundance of words and not the lack thereof! A challenge for sure!

  3. You're almost there, girl! Thanks for joining the challenge. You are simply amazing!