How to Awake to a Life that is Yours

(this post for me and for all those women who need to see how rare and wonderful we each are).

When the sun sets its orange and pink hues in the night sky, I get to thinking about the way back when all of the world seemed swollen with goodness and fearlessness and you could just about taste the drippings of downright glee.

Where life was young and you could stretch your neck to the sky with how high you wanted to fly.

Then there was no shame and only a relentless pursuit to be "you" and you could not be broken for the sky was the limit and you were born to fly.

Along the way many roads were traveled that turned into pages and pages of years gone by and somehow roads become tangled and shoulders start to slouch and the neck bends and the legs shuffle in uncertainty and doubt.

Maybe a heart was broken.
A family was torn.
A lie had been spilt.
Jeering remarks had been made.
Friends had betrayed you.
Feelings had been hurt.

After awhile the mind starts to believe the lie that you're not able to do great and mighty things and it replays itself over and over in the mind till the heart believes and only beats to its defeat.

The great and mighty things start to take on different looks, only the ones that outshine the outside.

But it never measures up.

And everyone eles's lives seem to glisten like gold in the sun while others are stuck in the quick sand of barely hanging on with no hope of every being pulled free.

Then the "I wishes" flow like a never ending fountain and years fly by stuck in a world that is not that of your own.
You can waste your life wishing you had someone else's that you never truly live yours.

You will never be her.

Stop wasting time and start living the life that only you can live no matter how messed up or crazy or against the flow a life it may seem, live it like only you can.

Awake to a life that is yours.

Only you hold the key to your heart that can unlock the life that you were meant to have.

Stop wishing and start doing.

Stop looking and comparing and contrasting all that "she" is and look to all that He is for only He can burn a hole in your heart that can set your feet ablaze on a path that matches no other.

Awake to a life that is yours.

Be content and if it needs changing, change it.

Rebuild it, shape it around the Word and dig deep to find the roots that will ground solid feet and reach the limbs to the sky and find that orange, pink hued sunset and remember her for she is always there, for that's where her heart breathes.

This-only God knows you better than anybody else and only He can fulfill your life the way you dream.
To find you, find God first.....

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