Love for All Mankind & How There's Only One Way to Love

It's a cold winters day and snow takes to its liking and falls in cascades of white that spreads clean across lawns and rugged roads.

Crunchy steps are comfort to a worn and weathered soul and I feel the chill and bask in winter's white display.
Love is in the air.

Maybe more so now than ever, love is the latest thing and how could that ever go wrong?

I read about it now here and there. The one thing a hurting world needs is love and more love.

The world can be wretched and it's falling apart at the seams and some people are tearing apart right along with it.

All the love in the world will make life worth living all the better, It will seal all the cracks. Burn all the bridges.

I see the gnarly limb hanging there clutching helplessly to the side of the strong trunk, me, going out on a limb, bracing for the fall.

There's a lot of talk about love so much so that the Bible takes a back burner to this love.

Love can come wrapped up in a million different packages presented by people for any reason, but there's only One love that comes wrapped empty; it's a gift invisible.

This love must be spoken as the gift brings good news that must be revealed and shared.

All the love that the world can give can never match the Love of the One who died so that we could live.

And before this, before the love of all earthly people should come the love of God.

Love God, more than people. Hard to grasp but truth spread thick.

"Love the Lord your God with all your heart with your soul with all your mind." Matthew 22:36  This is the greatest commandment.

Out of this love for God will come a love to light the Word alive. 

It's more than a handshake, a nod, a good will card, a smile, it's the Words that break worry hearts wide open, the message of a Savior who saves us from ourselves and from a world that's teetering on the brink of combustion.

If we're going to give love, give the good news that's the greatest love there is.

It sets us free from all the brokenness of the world, because God cannot be broken and His plans can't be thwarted and His love can't be comparable.

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