Seeing Days as Divine Delays~Day 27

Sometimes it seem as if we're all pawns in a game where we can't see the end, nor the road that's just up ahead and we begin to feel and act and speak and do all things in the same manner day after day.

We wait for the next day and the next day.

From the rising of an early sun to day's dusk there's a mundane  momentum that pulls and drags bodies through a cycle that spins us around and around while we hang on for dear life.

A life we wish could be more dear.

How we can see day's as not just ordinary but extraordinary?

That each day comes wrapped as a treasure and sometimes we have to dig deep, get our fingernails dirty, work up a sweat, fight to keep the good going in the oncoming weeks and months that turn into years.   

Life is never nothing but always a special something.

It's all in how we see it.

If we awake to the thought that the day is already done before it begins we have lost all of the little
joys along the way that could have come if we were looking.

If we really see every day as our story. Your special story, that God entwines into His own we know that each chapter is different in some way.

Your story..a wild, colorful bouquet that leaves its scent wherever it roams.

There is a build up in the book of your life and one day it will all come into place.

The days between now and the climax where we feel the dreaded pulling of the routine rituals of the day, maybe it is something more?  

 A delay? But of the Divine.

If we see it as a divine delay to something greater, bigger than all those moments of tedious repetition, where we're left hanging, suspended in the unknown realm we're actually waiting, waiting for our story to unfold.

All the days thought of as waste are actually God's graces to our divine delay.

I can see it, all of this, leading up to a point, a purpose, a story that affects other stories and littler stories.

We awake never for nothing but always for making something, leaving something behind, building  moments of memories.

Awake knowing that these days or months or years maybe your divine delay to His greater calling and purpose.

A day is never wasted as long as we can see the mark we leave behind in it.

Make day's divine no matter the delay.

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