How to Stay Steadfast On Sinking Grounds~Day 5

The world's in an uproar, a turmoil, a spinning of the head.

We, Americans, we can feel as if we're sinking, sliding straight down to the pits where we can't believe the he said she said and so dig a hole meant to hide with a voice going no where, undecided and silent.

Has it come to this? These two?

Deep in the cold, dark earth the President's of old lay in their graves and quake wishing they could break forth from the wooden confines to preach it to the throngs of how to keep America standing tall, proud, and free.

Will we one day awake to find the home that we love, no longer?

Maybe it comes to this? Be steadfast. 

Giving way to worry holds a person stagnant, silent and stale, ashamed to speak,

Giving way to God is finding His truths worth upholding hidden there in the crevices, sometimes laid bare for all to see. His truths are simple. 

Overshadowed by a tall, rigid form with a quirky hand, swift tongue, and squinted face are messages that lives need protecting and saved, freedoms need upholding, peace for the people, safety from the fear. All dressed and delivered in a disguise we'd rather forget, we sigh.

It's come to this.

But it goes deeper, much deeper than the two faces across the screens bellowing rashly their ideals and proven ways of deliverance for the people. 

It goes deeper to this. 

To the nine justices in the supreme court where every day laws, cases and judgment's get struck down or upheld. 

Some justices' abiding by the original intent of the Constitution others trying to influence other views and amendment's.  

So this pastor man and writer stood up in front of a crowd of hundreds and gave these thoughts recently published in this article.. 

Words to think on..

Concluding his remarks, Jeremiah said voters in this election are not only casting a ballot for a president who may serve for the next four or eight years, but are “voting for someone whose Supreme Court decisions will affect us for decades to come.”
“You must decide who you think will appoint the best justices for the Supreme Court, and then whatever else you may think of that person, you must vote,” he said.
Be steadfast. Awake.
1 Corinthians 15:58  Therefore, my dear brothers and sisters, stand firm. Let nothing move you. Always give yourselves fully to the work of the Lord, because you know that your labor in the Lord is not in vain.


  1. Love your graphic! It is the right thing to do, silence all the hate and doubters with God's truth.

    And yes, I agree, who appoints the next Supreme Court justices is critical.

  2. Thank you, friend! I'm so glad to hear your words. Yes, voting goes so much deeper then the two primary runners. Prayers for our country.