The Great Things He Has Done~Day 23

God, you are good.

You give grace to the poor and hope to all who seek it.

Holy is your name. 

Love is your intention and mercy is your mind.

We drink from the well of your Words as you bring everlasting manna morning after morning and we fill empty minds up.

Your face we seek in the morning and at night while we cry out to you in weakness and need during the day.

There are those who are scared, who are weak and afraid.

Comfort is your Name. Peace is your ambition.

You are worthy. 

I am wretched, undeserving of even the smallest breath, but you with your almighty power break the hold of thoughts that seek to bring your people down and we rest for the Father loves all His children.

How greatly will we sing of your beauty for you have covered us with your anointing, blessed us beyond what we deserve and have given us sacrifices greatest reward, salvation.

We will praise though scared.

We will worship though worried.

We will pray though weak.

Because all the scared, worried, and weak once our eyes see you we no longer see ourselves and your glory overshadows our doubts of who we are and who you have made us to be.

We will uphold you to the highest heights for your name is worthy and we will speak your name unashamed, ever grateful for all that is you.

Awake to seeing it, all of Him, wherever you are. the great things He has done. 


  1. Merry Christmas & I mean it in every way!!!
    Love Jason

  2. No other name by which man can be saved than by the Name of Jesus!
    Blessed are they who hunger & thirst for Him for HE IS OUR RIGHTEOUSNESS!!!
    I thank Him for always keeping me ever since I was a boy!
    He knows my sins have been many, but My heart is HIS!
    He is the one that I hold on to!
    My boast is in Him!

    Again merry christmas to y'all!
    Love from Florala, still no Facebook