About Me

Hi, I am glad that you're here!

Days can be battling and exhausting but its nice to know that someone besides you shares a bit of your path.

A sharing of souls here? 

I'm Bonnie married to a carpenter and a homeschooling mom to two boys. My husband and oldest son both have adhd. This is my nook for some peace and reflection. 

When free finds me I peck out a few lines here and there and you see them here in this corner.

The days here are always loud, cluttered, and hectic, but it's a graceful crazy and your welcome to it. 

It seems I'm finally learning how to actually make the most of the days.

I'm just trying to stay afloat, leaning on God's mercy and grace to brave the journey.

To be blantantly honest and real there is not much I can do and when I do find time to do it, I'm always running around frantic to get it down on time. Hoping the outcome isn't too horrible, we make due somehow, here...

My patience often times runs too thin. 

My hope often fades.

My joy doesn't last.

My strength dwindles.

So I push to remain in His presence and he pushes me to the finish line of each day and back again.

I'm searching to find a hallelujah in every minute. I'm hoping that you can take some peace with you from these pages.

Your emails and comments are pure grace to this Mom, thank you! 

Bonnie Fair, bonnieefair@yahoo.com