To Live Awake ~ As Watchmen on the Wall~Day 31

So here it is the final post of the write 31 days challenge!

It's been a mess these posts penned at all hours of the night but this is peace to the soul for me, talking to myself as comfort food and then writing it down for keeps calms these anxious nerves.

Late nights spent wide away for the past month, have almost done me in, but I'm grateful to be a part of two great groups, write 31 days and five minute free writes. 

It's been rewarding for me to meet new people and read new soul infused posts that what I've received from just reading alone has inspired me to keep journaling, no matter the audience.

But I'm thankful to you, dear readers, who keep rummaging through these scrambled words for some encouragement. I hope you've been filled these past 31 days.

For the last post penned for these challenges, I've decided to post on a topic that resonates deep for me and one that intrigues me while giving me a reason to stay alert and awake to the day.

Maybe it will give you every reason to keep on fighting the good fight through your day even though we're all just hungry for some rest and peace and some certainty that will keep us grounded at ease.

We can't sleep the days away. 

We must stay awake to the end. To the very end.


They say it took place on October 19th right there in Portland, Oregon, at the Sacramento Elementary School, where young boys and girls bushy-tailed and clean faced with bows and spider-man lunch boxes were able to learn something that probably had never crossed their untainted minds before.

It's all reasoning and social skills or so they say, until the video rolls and the mouth gaps open and eyes widen because yeah, reasoning and social skills you just don't darn believe.

Set a drop a sepia background with loud, pulsating dark music, and demonic tones their promotional video is everything but rational and everything that reeks of evil and the dark.

The Satanic Temple maybe coming to a school near year.

The only schools they seek out: the ones where the Good News Club resides.

For every light there seems to be a dark and the dark is rearing it's ugly head at the most vulnerable, the next generation seeking to diminish it's evil appeal in hopes to make it good so that evil can be seen as good and good as evil.

This is just one article. There are others.

When will the world wake up to face the dark and realize that this battle fought day in and day out is not a fight just against opposition but against the powers of the world's darkness. (Eph 6:12)

To those who dismiss evil as non-existent, it will come and is coming and will come to destroy all the faces of good and for those who relent into doers of evil.

There is a war raging an inner battle and it's coming across seas and borders, present here in the lands that we love. Nothing will stop it's path from gaining ground while pushing the good of the earth down back to its dust.

It grows stronger with each affirmation and change of heart or ideal or fallen victim it swayed.

It keeps growing.

The word "watch." 

To be sleepless and full of a spiritual watch.

A watching over as a "watchman on a wall."

If life is wasted and never watched good can fade and evil will reign.

Those little ones, the next generations, we watch over those that are ours and guard their soul sacred linings, their gateway to hope and freedom.

We simply speak Jesus to those shown love, to the lost, and heavy laden and to ourselves.

This maybe our greatest calling.  

The apostle Paul wrote to Christians in the Bible and now He writes them for us to, "Watch, stand fast in faith, be bold like men, and be strong. (1Cor 16:13).

We watch and wait for there is One coming, the One whose wounds healed wretchedness with redemption, whose wounds will win the victory over evil.

What it maybe all about and only about, how we awake to watch.

To awake to the day is to stay watchful, because there is always a reason to wake and He will show us if we stay awake to his amazing Words.


A heartfelt thanks for following these past 31 days! 

Let's stay in touch? 

I hope to be posting a post a week with a few days here and there of the usual short quotes. 

I'm hoping these words reached you deep, picked you up  and planted you right where you needed to be.

...For a recap of the past 31 days! God bless. 

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  1. Well Bonnie, writing for 31 days is over and I for one am so thankful we now get a break! But we did it. Hope God blessed you as much as He did me through just being obedient to His calling to take this challenge. Hope you are enjoying some much needed rest! :)