a blackout to better the world

What if the world were covered in a dark, thick shroud of black and there was no glow from iridescent screens and no shimmering lights from building sights to beckon purses and wallets , no tablets or phones, no weekend rendezvous, no rush to perform or succeed?

What if all was stripped away and the only thing that was present was what we brought to the table, ourselves, the only thing that would work in a world that revolves around the digital age, now blackened.

In this dark shroud of nothingness, could come the greatest something faith in our family, in mankind, in God, and in our world.

Chairs would be filled while mouths would be open and everyone altogether in this black could be the greatest light.

Caring hearts instead of confusion and chaos in an alarming ever changing world.

Instead of climbing the ladder to success by competing with one another, we would climb the stairs to one anther's homes and sit in the dark and realize everyone, everyone is special not based by accomplishments but based by kindness.

Funny, how most time is spent wasted away on something that can't be taken with us instead of someone who we can.

Time keeps flying and the handles of our hearts keep beating and beating for what? For whom?

To pick up the pieces of a fallen world, we have to pick up the pieces of our broken hearts and families and friends and link arms across states and borders and learn to Be present with one another. 

Unafraid of rejection or pain or embarrassment, to simply reach arms wide to strangers and all people and learn to love for we are known by How we love.

To learn to love people more than any thing or place or point or mistake.

To see their worth as being irreplaceable, nonreturnable, inexchangeable.

There is a great God who molded Himself into every single person and lies and ill-well and falsehoods have shrouded faces to His name. To death, He loved us.

Maybe all that's needed to build the kingdom of God here is a love that can't be concealed in the dark.

When all is black, all that is left is a love that casts its own light straight into the heart of every man and there in the darkness you can see it, its the only thing that can be seen... we are known by how we love.

Black it out, your own way and maybe better the world.


  1. beyond a mere interesting topic, but for me an on-going reality

  2. That being said...far from perfect & far from ideal!
    but the eyes of Jesus see & know & HE judges all things!
    Seemingly endless vicious cycles will not continue to torment ones whose hearts belong to Jesus!
    He knows His own.

  3. A West Texas windmill painting ended up being truly prophetic!

    Have we seen the sign of Jonah?

    Faith grows from little seeds of hope! Yes I do believe that is true!