Ugly Uniformity in an Unbelieving World~Day 17

If anything in the world screams loud at us it's this, we don't all fit into the same box when we all really somehow should.

This largely unbelieving world wants us, everyone, all created by God, to look, dress, feel, act, eat, accept, believe, talk, the same way. 

Study it, be it, read it, do it.

That's how it used to be.

Now it's rather two extremes.

The world wants you to follow along with the common view at the time or break away from the path so severely that it warrants much needed attention and therefore much esteem and praise as long as it goes in the opposite direction of Christianity.

You really can't be you without a side-ways glance or smart remark when it comes to voicing your opinion on a sensitive matter.

You, with that small voice, with a brain full of neurons and nerve cells that are seeking to fire off the words that have been hidden away for so long, slowly become erased by the pressures of uniformity that we keep silent.

That's the ugly uniformity in an unbelieving world..your words and your thoughts may be nothing to a world that only values the status-quo or the extreme and rarely religion. 

Yet, there in the invisible distance stands a God with multiple dimensions whose voice speaks to the winds, whose will formed man and woman intricately, not one being completely identical to the other, whose ears hear and who knocks on the door of every heart and says speak Me.

We can't keep silent.

For there is always, always some good somewhere that whispers His name.

And we must proclaim it.

The beauty of God's word is that it never nods to the world's uniformity. It only unifies itself with the body of Christ.

Awake to this, to uniform ourselves with Christ and no other.

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