Letting the Past Let Go~Day 24

You can awake to a ball and chain around your neck.

Before the foot even leaves the bedside, thoughts begin to move and hold power over a healing heart.

What we believe affects our every day life, relationships, friendships, and family.

How we choose to think ultimately affects how we choose to live and and then how we choose to love.

When the past won't let you go and when you can't seem to forget or forgive, worry wears you thin and sucks the spirit from a life that was called to be lived fully. The one life that we have.

Pasts can have consequences that creep in twenty years later and the mind can't wrap itself around all the whys and what ifs and how comes.

But this, pasts have no power over us if we really believe that God has fought the battle of our pasts with His forgiveness and His victory erases it all clean.

When others can't forgive you, though ever effort has been exhausted, remember God's forgiveness is eternal and His thoughts of us outnumber the grains of sand.

His love can fill the deepest seas of sorrow within us.

God can hold the whole, wide, global world in His hands and among the throngs of billions and billions He can still see straight into the heart of every person.

With every pain there's a promise, that He "will never leave or forsake us." (Heb 13:5)

Awake to knowing that thoughts govern actions and actions bear weight on how we love.

We are known by how we love.

When thoughts are aligned with His, beauty can be seen and His voice erases every fear and worry and we raise redeemed voices high and we say, "hallelujah."

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