The Joyful Junking~Day 22

Someone once said, "if it makes you happy buy it."

Falling for it was not an intention, but over many years a few splurging here and there led to an accumulation of things that presently sit in boxes, needing to be rummaged through and discarded or sold.

Even though what sits in this tiny home is not much as is, it's still enough to some how nerve me by its useless presence and of me having to dust it when I'd much rather be doing something else.

Lately, old toys lay unused and cluttered and picking it up and just tossing it fills these bones with relief.

{Of course toy junking must be done in secret for if one of the boys were to open the trash can and see a broken, wheeless car sitting down in the dark folds of the lining the car would suddenly have meaning and be brought back out to play..temporarily of course.}

Someone else said, "less is more."

The things you end up with less are the things you thought you had to have to feel something whenever you walked by it or wore it.

The things you end up with more are really the things we can never really live without memories, people, heirlooms.

So I'm off doing the joyful junking. Getting rid of useless knick-knacks and down-sizing on things that really have no value and up-sizing on things that do.

Surrounding the home with what uplifts the heart by placing His words around these walls and doors.

Because really why waste time on things that have no value.

A clear space is a space for reflection and really, there's just something about a whole lot of nothing.

Simple Spaces. More room to breathe and just be.

Awake to the day by junking what you really don't have to have.

Fill the home with what you really do need. Life.

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