Fall Moves In~Day 15


This day I'd rather un-awake and lay in bed fully covered in soft, heaping mounds and rest, not having to open the eyes till the roof caves in or a fire burns or until two hungry boys grab limbs and pull tight, ready for those morning pancakes.

These Saturday's are for looking forward to when the carpenter puts aside his saw and tool belt and willingly tends to the children, feeds them, then takes them off in his boat across shallow streams with fishing poles in hand. 

Then a choice is made. To move or not to move. 

The stillness is listened to.

The quiet is absorbed through silent thirsty veins.

And the body just sits and ponders soaking in all the oneness with flesh and home.

Fall moves in with cold rains and leaves changing and apples need peeling for pies and soups need dicing and dishing up.

Coffee warms the cold blood, soothing hymns play, and the mind waits for the movement to come.

Sitting and remembering flows through the mind and a good many an hour can waste by in a blink, but I know He is making a way through the deserts of my life and all the wastelands He is streaming alive with his watered words. (Is 43:19)

And so I move and not slumber it through and try to make home a haven against all the rashness and bitterness that can move like a thickening fog, concealing all the light.

But if this home is a light then it will be seen and it will be felt and it will be safe and so I move.

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