Simply Speak Jesus~Day 25

Wind came in big gusts that whipped through weak leaves sending spirals and clusters floating down from the sky like snowflakes on a cold, grey day.

The littlest he runs out, arms raised high, with squeals of delight running underneath their colored display. Content. 

You would have thought dollar bills were raining from the heavens such joy filled a tiny frame.

He climbs the tree house as I pour suds over breakfast dishes finally getting a washing right before lunch.

I see him through the window, talking to himself up in the tree house, picking pieces of bark with tiny fingers.

Moments later I walk out to him dish towel in hand. 

Climbing out of the tree, he runs to me, and points out a big, thick blackened branch laying to the side of the tree house on the grass in a heap.

"Mom, it fell down right when I was in the tree house."

I glance up at the oak tree and see the spot where the rotted branch had torn from its fathered tree and I sigh and fill the lungs up with much needed relief.

What if's begin to play in my mind and I shut them out with thanks.

Later over stemming bowls of potato soups with slices of pumpkin bread, he retells the story to his father and ends it with the only way our story's should ever end, "Jesus saved me."

He said it proud. 

A matter-of-factly. 

With an ease that comes from hearing and talking about Jesus as if He was the next door neighbor who drops by daily with all the good news, he spoke his heart and kept on eating.

No big deal. Just Jesus.

I could only smile and affirm and realize that I get to awake to this every day.

The chance to download all of this all of this holy goodness into these little fleshes that devour all that's before them, more than we think we do.

You would think it simple: Simply speak Jesus.

But for some reason, it can be so hard as adults but as unto a child simply the easiest thing that rolls off the tongue.  

With such a name can come such a hushness that His name barely gets spoken or heard except on once a week on Sundays.

We get to awake to a choice to simply speak Jesus as if He was one of our own.
Or to simply keep silent and let the hushness be our home.

I'm learning this and doing this and seeing this in my little's lives and it's a hallelujah.
Only 5 more days of this challenge and I'm thankful. 

Tired but thankful. 

Even if it's to an audience of one or to the One I'm glad.  

I hope you've enjoyed getting these posts to your inbox, little reminders of a great God who loves to see us awaken to Him. 

I'm still new at this and fall back, but I'm pushing through it all. 

Thank you for joining this with me and hanging on through scratchy, scrambled sentences and ideas. But still six more days! 
Here's the link to go back and remember or catch up! Awake to the Day.

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