The Broken Beautiful~Day 16

We were broken before birth.

Before lungs swelled with air and little legs became wobbly, before tiny eyes could clearly see, we were all broken.

Nothing or no one made us break more than the beast who holds sin in His grasp, giving it to all, an aftermath of taste's defeat.

Sin wears a mask and we fall victim to its disguise.

Before anyone did anything. 

Before hearts were torn and perfect world's were shattered and lives were torn apart by actions and mishandled deeds we were broken.

Before we made mistakes; we were broken.

Maybe one or nothing made us break more than the hold of Sin?

Maybe more than the people who hurt us, Sin ruined us all and it is Satan's sin who wears the victor's crown from our ruined relationships and broken failures.

It takes our eyes away from its deception and pins all the anger and hurt onto someone or something rather than on Sin.

Sin seeks to destroy everyone, every hope, every family, every friend, every eternity.

Maybe if we could see the true enemy as being not an earthly person but as Sin, forgiveness would reign as a mender of homes and relationships not just as a word but as an action.

We could live forgiveness like the Father.
We could live free and freely love all the wronged and mistaken people.
This is the will of the Father, "to forgive as He has forgiven us." {Eph. 4:32}
To be kind and compassionate to all people.

Maybe this is the broken beautiful.   

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