Presence Persona Over Popularity~Day 19

Maybe all of life comes down to one moment.

When the day's were young, the moments of our lives seemed to drag by and each hurdle seemed like a mountain that was never going to be climbed as if the day and that moment would last forever.

Sometimes you wish someone would have grabbed you by the shoulders and whispered, "This is not your life. This one moment. But how you respond to it will forever be a choice you regret or rejoice in."

One mistake doesn't mark you. 

One battle doesn't blemish your forever fight. 

One hateful remark towards you doesn't slay you unless you let it pin you down. 

Life is defined by many moments and there is always One waiting and looking to make miracles out of those moments.

Way back, when I was a young, out-of-style, turtleneck wearing teen with crooked teeth and skinny legs and the new girl joining a public high school mid-way through, life can give you many moments.

It can be cruel.

The idea of being popular never crossed this hard-headed mind.

I was noticed. 

I was popular just not the kind you wanted to be.

Years later, you take all that old sarcasm and criticism, dust the pants off grow an inch or two taller and move on and try to find the voice gifted to you that stuttered and stammered years and years before.

Hoping the voice speaks your well trained mind, you walk through high waters to defend a point, proclaim your faith, speak your soul.

Now you know the only popularity needed to stir the soul comes from the Person who made us whole. 

Instead of lies that feed into us, His love now forever raises us.

His presence in us is far better than any popularity the world can give us.

Maybe that's what all of life comes down to is this, How eager am I to make Him popular in myself?

Less of me and more of Him.


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