Just one of those days!

It's been one of "those" days..sigh.

It started early. Messy trails from the day before were still flung all over the house.

Dishes. "Someone" forgot to turn the dishwasher on last night.

Bowls, spoons would have to be washed by hand. There
 aren't enough dishes to dismiss regrets. 

"Eat" one of my youngests favorite words until he actually gets in the chair. Then its whining followed by tired trips to the bed, then he finally takes a bite. But he still wants to "eat" and soon.

Toilet. The toilet overflows followed by the sounds of a young boy fleeing the bathroom while screaming. Towels soak it up, more washing to do. (the toilet overflows often)

I forget butter. Butter and a few others from my late night trip to the grocery store. Apologies to children for a forgetful Mom.

Josh leaves early and I watch as he drives away in the little putt putt car that I can't believe still runs, even in below freezing temperatures. Say thanks with a sigh of relief!

Tackle the kids day. 

Do worksheets, pencils break, erasers are gone. Holes in worksheets from creases in the table. Crayons are emptied by my two year old. My six year old forgets how to do addition but...ducks have oil sacs! He later remembers his math. Snacks, snack time, breakfast served an hour ago.

My eyes roll and I sigh. Thoughts of changing out of my pajamas, race through my mind.

Spelling words, spelling lists, forgets. Piano, piano lessons where's C? Zion wants to play too! 

The internet won't work. 

Read this, read that. Maybe I'll be able to shower tomorrow? Maybe I'll be able to clean the house? Nope, put it off another week. 

Netflix won't work followed by disappointed moans from children. Checking the mail I dread, I have to today! The kids want to go outside, its cold, snowy, a blizzard. 

Flick, flick the lights off, must save. Pick up toys.

Josh is coming home early for dinner and leaving right back out. Hmm do I have anything ready,..no!

Ode to the joy of days!

Its still all goodness!

As Moms we try and count it as goodness. As women who work no matter the job no matter how many children (if children at all) we count it as goodness. We can relate, connect through the daily grind. We are pulled, pushed, tested.

Forget not.  We can still see the day, feel it, smell it, taste it. Its all counted as goodness. 





Wrapped in His goodness of grace He makes it all good, all beautiful.

"And God said it was good."  I just have to SEE it through His EYES and.... rest.

And yes, I say yes to bubbles in the house.