Homeschool, Day in the Life

Sharing our homeschool day in the life with SimpleHomeschool today! 

Minutes and hours make up the day but in our homeschool day there always seems to be a shortage. 

Rush, hurry, quick, there's more to do.

Never enough minutes. 

I'm going on my second year of homeschooling and I have learned or I am still learning to slow down

Each day is a gift that cannot be given back, time cannot be borrowed. 

One of the many joys of homeschooling elementary is that learning doesn't have to follow the same mandates as regular schools in how they learn just that they learn.  I am resting knowing that they are learning. I can see the uphill climb especially in my oldest who has ADHD. 

I can see that where he was months ago is not where he is now. And yes, homeschooling him takes a lot of time, planning, and hard work but when I see how far he has come, how his focusing is improving, it makes homeschooling even more rewarding, a joyful sacrifice.

Sometimes I tend to think that if I just sit back and watch he will learn it on his own eventually and eventually he will. My main job is to make learning fun, appealing, and to provide an atmosphere where they can succeed.

Here is our typical day of learning at home. Of course this changes if theres book club which is three times a month or if there's piano once a week or any other field trip outings. I have never been one to have them make up their work that they should have done at home because they were out learning elsewhere.

!!! Yes, I wish there was an early time here where I woke up before the kids! I read the other Mom posts and see how many get up early but since I am up late, I sleep in if I can. During the warmer days I do try to get up early and walk before the kids wake up.

7:30am the kids wake up. My husband is up with the kids making breakfast and on most days feeds them and plays worship. I have quiet time in my room, read devotionals, answer emails etc. He even brings me coffee in my room on my most mornings!

8:00am I shower get ready, dress the kids, eat breakfast, and watch as my husband leaves at 8:45.

9:30am Is when we usually get the lessons started. We start off with "Calendar time," Bible including a new verse every week, along with a new Character Trait every week.

10:00am is Phonics time. I spend time at the whiteboard with my oldest while my two year old plays.

10:30am Break time for my first grader and whiteboard time for my two year old where we go over ABC's and numbers.

11:00am-Worksheets. My oldest completes two pages of phonics while my two year old completes one page of early learning.

If we do a craft it usually falls into this place.

11:30am- Reading and Science time with my oldest ( next month it will be History, changes). I usually put a show on for my two year old to watch while me and my oldest do reading.

12:00pm Lunch followed by a long break where they play with blocks, read books etc.

1:30pm Math. My two year old is napping while I teach math, my first graders least favorite subject. We do whiteboard time, followed by two sheets of Math. But if I feel its too much or too repetitious I cross it off.

2:15pm More Reading time on the couch. He reads and then I read a book aloud that I have picked out. We are now reading "Mr. Popper's Penguins" by Richard and Florence Atwater.

2:45pm He gets a break and picks something that he would like to do if its not with me then I do chores, clean up the house etc.

3:30 My two year old is awake from his nap. If its nice outside we go walking outside "exploring" or to a park. If its too cold we stay inside and do puzzles or books.

4:30pm I start making dinner while the kids play or they usually do Lego's at the table if their not helping me cook.

5:30pm Dinner followed by playtime.

7:00pm-Piano lessons. I have found that this is usually the best time to get my oldest to focus on piano lessons. For some reason right before bed he practices and does pretty well!

7:30pm Bedtime for my oldest.

8:30 Bedtime for my youngest.

9:30pm is usually when I have the house cleaned up by and lessons ready for tomorrow.

Then its "me" time! I write, browse the internet, read a book, and then finally go to bed at....

12:00am! (too late, I know)

Blessed to be able to stay home and teach my children, thankful for the time I have to be with them. Times are changing in todays world, making the most of every moment with them while their learning at home.

And that's a regular homeschool day for us!! Thanks for stopping by!