His Words on Hearts

We hang up hearts.

Simple hearts.

Surrounded by bright lights the hearts glisten among green limbs twice marked on sale.

The excitement, the stomping, the laughter, and eager anticipation.

A simple heart with a hole and a string.

Ways, small ways to show Love.

So much joy. So much happiness from a heart.

Written on the hearts, verses of Love from the Creator,  the Holy, Loving Father.

I read and they listen. They hear. I hear.

They may not fully comprehend but they hear and they will and they do, I pray.

Pray to see Love not only in human expression, but in an eternal everlasting Love as displayed by the God who created it.

Love notes from God these verses of how TO Love, of how THEY are loved, of how He loves.

Verses of Love to and for all generations.

To know the Love that surpasses that of any earthly relationship, that Love that will follow them, chase after them, never breaking their hearts, never ceasing, always present, always saving.
To see that Love abides aside from the chocolates, candy hearts, the stuffed animals, and cards.

Simple hearts, simple ways, Love messages from God. 

Printable: Four simple hearts, four verses of God's love. Simple steps- hover over the download button, just cut, hole punch, and hang. Print more than one copy to "hide it in hearts." Verses are shortened to fit in hearts.
Download Here