This Is Not Only It

No, this place, earth, what we call home is NOT only it.

We want it to be.

It feels like home or it may not. 

We make it as if it is, we try oh so hard. 

All the investment, all the niceties, all the trips, all the schooling, all the degrees.

But its not only it. There is more.

To draw near is to believe, "This is Not the end."

What material is invested on earth is short lived. Temporary happiness's that fly fleeting out the window, for the Spirit finds no comfort in things of earth only things of Him.

And that is what we take when it ends and only it, the Soul.

Not our belongings, money, degree, not our friends or dear family or children. 

"This is Not only it." 

For far beyond what anyone can fathom lays a world of His greatness, beauty, power, and light that does not conform or appease the minds of material earth but abides only in Him.

To think upon His expansiveness, His majesty, His glory, undermine not His awesome Power.

For he holds this momentous sphere with various elements and rock, His creation, suspended by His power and might. 

It hangs there this sphere by invisible strength, these pulling forces where masses intersect. One cannot be without the other. But this force this pull that keeps the sphere afloat remains so because of perfect balance and this perfect balance, as in all things He keeps in the "palm of his hand."

He sits, waits, watches. He sees all things. Everything directed by His call not until "my words reach every ear." His sons feet will not trod the earth again until every ear has heard. The love of the Father towards His creation, us, His greatest masterpiece. 

He is this invisible being, this force that draws Spirits together, that touches the soul with good, that causes men to cry out in sorrow and shame, that brings out the shield and sword against sin, that speaks forgiveness, that showers healing, that gives laughter and joy, that Saves, that is Him in us. 

To hear over and over that "this is NOT only it" is to prepare His Spirit in us, our homes, families. For it is the one thing that cannot be taken from us. Flourish the Soul for the longing of His Eternity.

He is eternity and He sits and He waits for us to make Him ours.