Learning, the Art

Learning....an art...creativeness, imagination, excitement, discovery. 

When did learning lose its fun at such a young age?

Daily doses of realism, high amounts of factualism, always expecting perfectionism, the learning force of high expectations, roll call, numbers, and results. 

Learning as an art is always splashed in color, creative expression, abounding in astonishment, and inspiration. Where there is lack of art, there is a burden in the young soul and heaviness of learning for what gain? 

When some little beings are being berated for failure to learn as book after book describes, color of art fades and the soul loses a little joy. To sit, to stare, to follow, to be singled out, to be talented yet held back, to learn in a way that doesn't comprehend with the mind, challenging to some children.

All minds are different. Learn as an art. Everyones art is different

Thrive. Some thrive in the setting of groups, being able to sit for a long time, being able to block out noise to concentrate, handle stress and tasks. Others, may do better with one on one learning. Either way, the hope they thrive, are happy, love to learn, is a parents wish. Everyones art is different. 

Our family, for now, has decided to learn at home. Josiah, having adhd, has a short, be quiet, be still attention span. He is young. Each year he improves greatly in this area however restricting his behavior to eight hours a day of sitting and strict routine is something that would be hard for him to undertake. Since he is young, full of energy, we decided to teach him at home. And no he still doesn't sit still for long periods of time but he is getting there! 

Each homeschool day is a test in itself of how to teach with love, patience, and self control=the Fruits! But I fail sometimes, make mistakes, ask for grace, push through in prayer. This can be done!

I hope to instill in my boys who are 6 and 2..learning as an art full of creativity, imagination, and awe. Their own, not somebody elses. To give  them a desire to want to learn the secrets of knowledge behind every equation, every experiment, every book. To pursue always even when the mind believes the brain is full, to press, to love to press on.      

My longing is to keep their minds alive in the goodness and beauty of learning. It's hard, very hard. To allow them to discover on their own...an art. Show them what they cannot see on their own. Open Doors. Discover and build upon what interests them no matter the scale, no matter if statistics say they will forget, or if I would rather just not spend the time.

Lead gently. Instruct wisely. Praise often. 

Children grow needing direction, needing to feel appreciated and full of purpose. They love having a purpose, they love a sense of accomplishment and achievement with direction. 

As mothers we need praise as well, speak praises to your children, to yourself, give yourself praise!

I pray that God gives me that direction to lead everyday even when I feel like tossing out all the books, calling it quits, feeling as if there's no hope. Prayer for patience to repeat, to be calm, to realize that he will eventually get it! Feelings of failure may they not rule in my mind nor that of my children's.

But to seize the day for what it is a gift. 

A day filled with the one who created it, God, the all knowing Father who rests the world in the palm of his hands.  May they rest in His art.