Warmth to the Soul

One of the best ways to warm up a cold, chilly house-bake. 

Chillness in the air, a chillness in this Mom's soul.

Baking, no organic ingredients here. Just a good old fashioned recipe with ingredients from the local grocery store. I would love to cook using only organic ingredients, from scratch consistently. Somethings yes other things no. Time, cost, availability. Cost of which we cannot afford. Time of which may take away from little hands keeping full.

Sometimes the hand that reaches for the food is worth more than what goes into the bowl.

What goes into the bowl God can mix, knead filter through veins.What goes into the child, time spent wisely, preciously, sacredly. My portion.

Rest, my portion. The body He rested in fully complete. His magnificent creation. Sometimes you just have to rest. 

I have known too many frantic, frazzled, and worn from the all consuming, controlling fear of serving food that hasn't been purified, isn't hormone free, freshly picked, or free ranged. Rest. It's okay. 

God makes this heart pump. 

This heart that pumps, this hand to churn, to knead.

A sense of some achievement pouring sugar over melted butter, whisking eggs. 

I needed to be melted, whisked, kneaded, poured over by only Him.

Only He can warm the soul, melt the daily frustrations, knead the imperfections, and pour out his love and worthiness on us.

Click of the old gas burner and the stove roars to life. Children get excited, especially my oldest, the helper boy. 

Mess, the mess that will appear, that will need to be cleaned. Baking~ easier, quicker, cleaner if done alone. Warmer for the soul together.

Oh to the simplicity of life. 

To humble myself to find contentment in simple moments that warm the soul and the home.