Spirit Fruit

Newness. God is here in the stillness of the Newness.

Beginnings of a new year, clean as freshly laden snow, clear as sun streaked glass, bright as the early sunrise. Days never before been tarnished, disappointed in, lost hope. Gone are unaccomplished visions that are set in good anticipation only to falter, escape. Then newness comes.

Gods gift to us a new year. Hope in a new season that will bring fulfillment, joy. Peace in the despair and hearbreak. Strength to pass every hurdle. Laughter in the unexpected gifts.

Mine began early with a creak of a door and the frantic shaking of a gate. Husband bolted out of bed to care, to love his son, to serve. Grateful. Smells of breakfast tempt while writing. But my portion.

God. God is in the new year. 

Life in us. He bestowed it on us. Abundately. 

To give him my portion, a desire. Without Him the cup is empty, dry, barren. Dryness, I have tasted. But through Him gently flows His life which He so willingly, desperately, shares. 

Gods need this year and always is us. 

Walking with him, a portion of the cup. He is here, waiting to be opened, the new gift of the new year. Life comes daily and he gives us his Spirit, abundately.

And then the baby crys and you give him gentleness.
And the six year old whines and you give him patience.
And the husband wants time and you give him joy.
And the stranger with demands you give kindness.
And the world with its mangled madness of expectations, you give peace.
And the unexpected trial comes and you give it long suffering.
And you, you give yourself kindness, self control.
And to God who gives you the fruits to live you give love and faithfulness.