Strength in the Needness

The dreaded reading accompanied by the faint beeping. Not again. Twice monthly.

104.7 My youngests temperature.

The shifting begins through cabinets. You would think by now I would be organized. Fevers. Twice monthly. Be prepared.

Out comes the reducers and the rotations begin. A fever that won't diminish but would diminish me. Fevers always come at the end of endurance.

Darkness of night comes and the fever prevails at its highest and glorious moments. Set the alarm for dosage intervals. You wake yourself, barely. Jolting out of bed; I must do this. Bones are tired, muscles, are weak, eyes are hungry for sleep.

Slothful, carry on. Gently, waking the hot, sweaty, sleeping child. 2am. A cold cup of water he is grateful for. Another reading, still too high. Medicine.

Gently you rock the sickly child, holding him against you feeling the heat of sickness sink into your skin.

You hum. The same song you hummed since he was a day old. You rock, you comfort, you soothe, you are his everything. You try to stay awake. You Pray.

Bath water runs. Fever won't subside. The hot child is placed in its lukewarm suds, a temporary relaxer. Cooler he feels, the panting disappears. Joy sets across his face as he realizes he is out of his room, and time for potential play has arrived.

Back to the chair to rock, back to the bed. Alarm is set. Another two hours same rotation.

You are his strength. You are his care. You are the needed. You have to be {telling myself!}

A sickly child, a spouse, a grandparent, a parent, a friend. You are needed, to tend and care. And through that needness you are blessed! The Comforter, The Healer, is in You!

There is nothing more stronger to give you strength than the creator of Strength, Himself.

Grateful. My strength does not come from me but from the one who made me.