Purim~ For Such A Time As This

There is a certain beauty and truth to it all.

It's a quiet hush, a gentle display, a soft proclaiming of traditions and people. 

It's a certain holy that emits a closeness to God unseen in any other race or people.

It can take breaths away, this reverence of a sacred closeness of the jewish people to God.

It's heavenly music to a thirsty soul and when it's heard the heart can't help but be moved.

Only to look and see that through His people comes glimpses of His plans, His words, and Himself.

I never thought much of it or any of it because it wasn't for everyone or was it?

She had to have been nervous.

The fate of her chosen as queen rested in her humble beauty.

The fate of her chosen people rested in her willingness to obey.

The fate of her chosen people rested in her sacrifice to move forward in bravery.

Her beauty could have fallen by the sword.


Motherless, fatherless, raised by her cousin, Mordecai, "Hadassah," won the favorful heart of the King.

Not long after crowned, Haman, a nobleman of the King, plotted to destroy and kill the Jews.

Unbeknown to the King, Esther was a Jew.

Mordecai tore his robes, wailing loudly outside the city walls, and Esther heard the news of the decree, and of her cousins cries for her to alert the King.

But to approach a King unannounced could mean death unless summoned.

"Who knows, but that you have to royal position for such as time as this?" uttered Mordecai.

Esther planned to tell the King, "And if I perish, I perish."

Through a series of requests and feasts Haman's plot was unfolded and the King, now knowing of Esther's nationality, had Haman hanged.

The Jewish people had triumphed, and every year the Jewish people and those who believe, celebrate "Purim" of how a queen saved her people from utter extinction.

During "Purim," The Megillah is read, the parchment scroll, of the Book of Esther. 

There is feasting and a celebration of a young queens stand to not be quenched or silenced but to speak to save her people. 

Children twirl, and dress up, and dance and remember how to live as though to never be silenced. Gifts are given to the poor. 

Around the breakfast table, I read of Esther to two little boys who have heard the story before. 

They listen and slowly I see their hearts open and souls come alive.

In everyday life, dry spells come and we remain steadfast and wait. Wait for such a time as this to open and show our true selves tested faithfully to the end.

Today the Spirit of Haman still lives on, it will never be quenched and it hopes to drain the life from all who believe in God's plan for His people, for those who kneel and pray and give grace.

But for such a time as this, those few rise and stand up and will not let go of their beliefs of His people and His word.

And we, we are only as close as we allow ourselves to be drawn in and there is so much beauty and truth there waiting.

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