The Fringe Hours~ Jessica N. Turner

Fringe, it's not a word you hear often.

It means "an area of activity that is related to but not part of whatever is central," a "benefit, a fringe benefit."

Jessica N. Turner, whom I follow on her blog, "The Mom Creative," recently wrote her first book about making time for you called,"The Fringe Hours." 

Graciously dedicating many of her fringe hours, she penned a brilliant book of simplicity that greatly lavishes the need to see ourselves as worthy of our own time, attention, and love.

I signed up for the launch team captivated alone by the title "The Fringe Hours," and yes, this mom could learn a thing or two about how to see or find myself in the busyness of everyday life. 

Days flee quickly and before I know it I'm turning the page of the calender yet again. Another year comes and goes and I'm another year older. So grateful for older, but sometimes missing the moments and days I can't ever get back.

The daily necessities and rituals of life can swallow you whole, leaving very little room for you and your passions if you don't harness some moments for yourself.

This book, a blessing, in showing us how to find ourselves in the grind of the daily day. "The Fringe Hours," with it's relatable and humuours accounts, is a lifeline to all women who need to see how valuable and precious they truly are, if they only make time to see it.

"When you make room in your schedule to breathe, you make room for you and that is the key to discovering fringe hours." Jessica N. Turner, "The Fringe Hours."

So yes trying to find time to breathe among the fifty million things I feel like I have to do and believing it's okay to take time away, just to rest and be at ease. I love this,.. "The goal of using your fringe hours well is to take time to do something that rejuvenates your soul." Jessica N. Turner, The Fringe Hours.

And Jessica N. Turner shows us how to "how to take back the pockets of our time we already have in the day..But you are a glorious creation, and your life is meant to be lived with joy....God makes us strong. In  your glorious imperfection, you can still shine beautifully bright. Embrace that truth. Stop trying to be everything for everyone and start investing in who and what really matters....Pursue a life of joy and contentment, and you will be happier, healthier, and more at peace." Jessica N. Turner, "The Fringe Hours."

On her blog, "The Mom Creative," Jessica N. Turner invites you to share in your fringe moments on fringe Fridays. 

You can purchase Jessica N. Turner's book, "The Fringe Hours," beginning February 17th.

Some of my fringe moments this week...reading, baking with my boys (this doesn't really count but since I ate must of them I'll include it), shopping kidless, and writing..learning to live more fringe!


  1. Yes! Moments where I can have uninterrupted thoughts, and not have to watch for wandering children, a blessing!

  2. It's an interesting concept, this *learning* to fringe. Kids naturally find joy in the unstructured time. Mamas have to discipline ourselves to find joy sometimes.

  3. Thank you, Kelly! Yes, discipline and consistently renew the mind to remember that true joy can be beheld in almost all situations, I just have to look for it. This book by Jessica Turner is writen simply with a strong heart felt message!