Believing in Purity

So I'm open and brave today with the pen. 
Drawing close and embracing freedom that comes from letting go and just letting God. 
I hope it brings your heart into a rest that God works everything out for good, and that no matter the past our God is good, and through him we are made pure.
{There she stood.
Her skirt was a little too short.
Her heels were a little too high.
Her composure a little too confident.
Before the door could close behind her, she struck a match, and lit a flame to a cigarette. Inhaling deeply, she blew a gust of smoke into the cool, morning air.
She knew others were watching.
She walked down the steps, past the stained glass windows and white steeple, past the place that she just couldn’t understand.
She walked with no fear. She walked blindly.
Once in the car, she drove down the cobblestone, brick road. Her red old dingy Datsun hobbled over bumps and grooves until she came to her usual spot.
She walked in the musty building where the stench of alcohol and stale cigarettes from the night before still lingered.
They all knew her.
She felt accepted.
She felt known.
But she was deceived.
Flash forward fifteen years, and I can still see her there. Those wild, crazy, selfish days of instant gratification existed foolishly. Those years still sit and soak in the back of my mind.
I wish she would have driven down a different path..................}
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