A Morning Prayer

In the morning Lord I give you praise,
for the breath and the joy of another day's dawning.
Help me to keep you as the center from which all things will point to.
Moments may be hard and will test the soul but help
me to respond in peace and patience and the fruit's of your Spirit.
Teach me to sing praises when the moments get restless and hard and
to shout hallelujah's for when You have won in me.
You, Oh God are my Rock
You, Oh Jesus our my Salvation's Song.
My hope is in you.


  1. As soon as I begin giving thanks to the Lord, I am more at peace. Your prayer is just right for the beginning of a new day. I'm visiting from Coffee and Conversation.
    BTW great capture of the blue jay in your photo!

  2. Carol, thank you for visiting! And yes giving thanks from a grateful heart brings so much peace. Lovely pictures of spring blossoms on your site. I wish ours were coming in, but patience and they hopefully will soon!