If I Can I Will

And kindness speaks and I hear it.

Spring is finally here!

Yet I suspect we will have more snow within a few days. The longing for warmths arrival never ceases to leave my mind for I would rather be by the beach soaking in the sun, walking along the shore with my boys, digging for..something (with boys it doesn't matter), planting flowers, herbs, and vegetables year round. 

Something just rings..peace.

There's so much to be done in warmth, very little in cold except to lay in haste of springs return. Unless of course you like the snow which I do for about the first two falls, then its brace for the chill.

Yellow, I am loving yellow especially the three yellow flowers my husband brought back from the sunfresh store while on break. But they were met with raised eyebrows and scowls of "how much?"  The look, the look he had when he opened the bag I will remember, such happiness met with such disdain. Yes, I should kick myself in the head sometimes. Yet he knows me.

So first of spring was spent outside where it should have been. With two little boys running around the park, laughing, and being free along with the other many children let loose to enjoy warmths short arrival.

And yes I ran and hollered and growled chasing them like a crazy old lady noticing the glares but not giving them a seconds thought. 

If I can I will.

Another new saying to go along with my ceasing to complain.

If I can do it I will and it doesn't matter how well.

If I can try I can outlive the lie that time restricts me.

If I can learn to be grateful and not fear the unknown, contentment will come.

If I can keep my eyes on God and not on others, freedom of spirit and soul will arise.

If I can push aside all the thoughts of you cant's, I can I will try.

For there's only one life, one trip to which we can't revisit.

And time hears no cries for halts or stops or take backs but present only for the now, for tomorrows days of what we choose to make it, if we can but try.

And only one God can steer this trip, better make it a good one.

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