Giving It Up To Give Love

It doesn't look like it should.

This giving it up to give Love, to lay it all down.

Giving it up is giving away of myself and not giving in to what takes the giving away.

Lent, the six week of remembrance, repentance, before Easter where souls lay open to His voice and strip away a longing only to fulfill His.

It never passed my mind years and years ago, this Lent.

The first time I ever really knew what all the significance was about Lent I had happened to be in downtown Chicago on a cold morning years ago. 

Following throngs of early morning risers on crowded streets towards tall, thickly sky scrapers I noticed the markings. I remember thinking it was only a smudge until it seemed as if 
I was passing everyone with this dusting on their forehead. 

Little did I know about Lent that I thought the end was near and the beast had arisen. I remember calling my Mother who told me it was ash and that it was "the" Wednesday.

It was dismissed this ash and Lent until this year. It seems everywhere I look people are giving up something a liking, or a favorite, some treat, some block that if possibly moved would open time to be in His.

I'd like to think that I am always in His time. For these hands don't type, eyes don't see, these lungs don't breath without His will and in His time He has given it.

To spend time in His, yes. The need to spend time in His time, always great.

And then someone dies, someone passes away as quickly they came.

He tickled my son's belly, spoke kindness to me. We were acquaintances but yet comfortable as friends. I never knew. There was always this giving of kindness. Now his time is gone and to say "goodbye," I never knew.

This giving of loving kindness. A disregard for ones self to give. To be a giver, not a user, taker, nor a watcher, a hider, but a giver.

And Love takes time to give. Pushing aside all the hindrances, all the blocks, all the wishes and wants, and what ifs and coulds just to give.

I stumble for it's easy just to sit, soak, sink, and not to Give of oneself.

To Give of oneself takes time and what we do with the time is usually watch it disappear, wasted, snatched by the hands of earthly pleasures.

Giving when it's hard is how you know its done with Love.

But it comes with so many rewards this giving of Love, the Love that takes time, the Love that acts.

All the stuff that doesn't cost anything is what's in return the smiles, laughter, thank you's, touched lives, but it's remembered and felt the deepest.

Love leads and opens paths, paths that cannot be scene unless given. And so the giving it up to give Love always continues, for Love and giving belong and its the time that will tell.

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