Finding The True Gift of Thanksgiving

The turkey hasn't thawed.

Yep, that giant heavy pounded, headless, completely frozen piece of poultry still sits cold, chilled to the bone.

I grew cold right along with it.

It should have been thawed and ready.
To the boys I shout, holding a 12 pound frozen lump on a tray, "It's going to be a meatless, vegetarian style Thanksgiving!"
They shrug their shoulders and keep right along doing what there doing, laughing and jumping on the bed because the greatest day will come turkey or no turkey and their little hearts believe it.

I have the carpenter go to the garage to hunt for the cooler. 

Determined I will soak the bird and unfreeze it even if takes all night and all morning that bird will roast come tomorrow afternoon.

The counters are cluttered and so is the mind. 
"Give thanks," I whisper. 

It's the season and even if it wasn't and it won't be for long, but to give thanks in "all circumstances" continuously.

"We're not doing a turkey this year, a thanksgiving, we're just not up to it." Others I've heard and spoken with have said  it and yes it sounds tempting as I pound the butter to flour and soak the sweet potatoes and chase little boys and clean up spills and give medicines.
Toss the towel in and forget.

It wouldn't have been so easy over three hundred years ago. 

Tousled aboard a ship, shoulder to shoulder, hungry, cold, sickly men, women and children, traveled. They left behind what they knew for the unknown and why?

Not for possessions or climate or land or cattle or food but for the Bible, a belief, and a freedom to pray. 

They left it all not for something they possessed or something they saw with their physical eyes, but for something they carried within themselves.

And when they arrived in the New World, our beautiful America,  it wasn't necessarily their things that gave them gratitude but a presence. A Presence they could freely proclaim, a soul connection that could be spoken and hands that could be held and lifted to the one who Saves, to worship and praise freely. 

The most unlikely people became their allies and showed them how to grow seed and how to survive and how to harvest and they didn't have to give it up or through the towel in because they could speak Him and that's all they really needed.

It was a harvest of souls, of people.

Being thankful, giving thanks, yes, for everything but better yet reflect away from possessions, situations, conditions, traditions, and connect souls and hearts to God's and just thank God for Him, because its not about circumstances or things or the latest and greatest, but about a King.

It's hard to do.

A big, blue wide eyed boy stands in front of me wondering what to give thanks for and I gently hold his shoulders and say, "Give thanks to God for what He has given us, Himself in us, for being with us and He is the only thing we need. Give thanks to God for His Son, for life, and breath, and the songs of everyday good or bad." He smiles yes, these little ones know.

It's not about traditions and dates and the next best thing coming up, because He is here and there doesn't have to be that rainbow at the end of the day or that tradition that just has to be done or that book that has to be kept up with or that turkey that has to be made, or that candle that has to be lit. It's okay. 

In the rush of the season it's okay, we don't have to keep up with it all, only with  Him and it doesn't take possessions but a whole lot of soul that's free!

It won't be missed all these traditions, He will be and we don't really need anything physically or materially to capture Him, because it's all soul that's inside us waiting to be uncovered.

Give thanks for what He leaves us that which isn't seen but felt but held inside, Himself. 

Because this is where are treasure is, in Him.

Paul, the apostle, from a jail cell, handcuffed and hungry, gave thanks to God not for anything he had, not for anything he saw, not for anything he touched or tasted, but only for who 
God is, "good."

Job lost everything yet he gave thanks because of who God is. 

David and Daniel who were thrown in the lions pit, gave thanks and praise to God and the list continues.

So, yes, thankful for everything but giving thanks for simply who He is and everything He is and everything He has done and everything He has promised. 

Because all that's really needed on Thanksgiving and everyday,  is the gift that is Him and we carry it with us inside and it's worth these ruff, temporary seas and we're so thankful.
Happy Thanksgiving

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