Boughten Me


It seems to change with each season that passes and oh, I feel it past and present.

Way back when I was young being free meant running barefoot across soft grasses, picking walnuts from budding trees and honeysuckles from bushes, swinging for what seemed like hours hopes set high on those blue skies, running and getting dirty and not caring.

That was my free. And I never once knew they were there.

My parents.

They were but I can't remember them in that moment, because freedom is really felt inside, no matter what happenings are going on outside.

In the quiet hushes of the deepest part inside, free is felt.

I grew older away from that young girl and free meant out and spread wings and now almost forty and married and two children and freedom I find becomes forgotten.

When I hear free now it becomes distorted by the words of a fleshly world starving for instant gratification and selfish ambition and satisfaction.

When I hear free now and I blot it all out all the whining from the world, I hear "bought."

We are our bought with a price. The sweetest price, life. 

Not just our souls, but are bodies as Holy Temples are set aside for His Holiness to pave paths of light and love to all, even our enemies.

We carry the greatest freedom.

We are free from the chains of pasts.
We are free from the heavy yokes of anxiety, fear, and everything that threatens to snuff out our lights.
We are free from death.

In the quiet hushes of the deepest part inside, free is felt, and it is Him.

"For you are bought with a price: therefore glorify God in your body, and in your spirit, which are God's." 1Corinthians 6:20

(Oh and yes I guess boughten is a word and the carpenter is wrong on that one!)

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  1. Thanking Jesus for setting us free from all the junk you mentioned and more! A beautiful post you wrote, pointing me to the greatest freedom. Boughten... Love it! Thank you so much! Following you at FMF. Blessings!

  2. Thank you, Julie! Learning to lean everyday in His freedom!

  3. Denise, I'm glad you enjoyed it! Blessings to you!