America, Why You're More Than Just Votes

So today's the day.

The day of long lines, pencil colored circles, stickers of red, white, and blue and the dreaded outcome of a country teetering on its axis of an all out grab for power and change.

We're all on edge.

We're all just maybe a hair shy of losing it. 

But, America, no matter what, you're more than just the votes casted.

You're more than just a northern country with social media inventions, a good barbecue burger, Sunday football, take out pizza, and a light bulb.

You're the fertile grounds that keep fathering freedoms into the next generations to come.

You made it through the great depression, wars, plagues, the stock market crash, invasions, natural disaster's and you will keep on making it through.

You soaked fields upon fields red with the lives of good men and women who fought for equality, justice, peace, the right of religion, and the decency and love for all mankind.

You trudged across foreign soils to protect it.

You still keep fighting.

No matter the tally of votes, victory lies in the hands of a people who know that totals can never tear apart the good of a country.

Good people will keep on being good people.

Hardworking people will keep on being hardworking people.

Votes can never count the hearts of people who love enough to keep on loving no matter who takes the center stage.

Two candidates. Two ways to divide a country. One way to heal it.

No matter who takes the oval office there's only One who has the throne and His plan will not be thwarted by a he or she who claims an earthly victory.

The outcome today can dictate a life we'd rather not face, a life that we'd rather not see building up for our children and their children's children, for the America that we love.

We do what we can do. 

But we rest knowing that He never sleeps. 

His plan will prevail.  His kingdom will come. 

And we keep pressing on, bending the knees, raising the arms high, because our hope is not in who on earth can save us but who in heaven can deliver us.

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