When the Wind Blows

Autumn is here.

I can feel it in the wind, a change. 

It comes too quickly and before I know it the sun soaked days of trips to the pool, soft feet in warm sands, juicy watermelon on plates, and melted ice cream cones have faded.

Now there are the cries of a two year old as he stands in his blue jeans, rummaging through his drawers for shorts. 

 There are whines of jackets that are missing and have I seen them and I think there in a box somewhere in the closet or garage and more than likely there in a box that's not labeled. 

 And the jacket, that waterproof black jacket that I would have loved to have purchased in my size, its collar tickles the neck and tickles are scratches that annoy a young boy. 

 Rain boots from last year are tattered and torn but hold memories of little feet and muddy puddles and wet legs and sopping pants but they pinch and pinches make moans. 

Wind can change every moment, even the smallest. 

 I stiffen and harden. 

Change comes with the wind and it brings new pressures, new days unknown, new challenges, results, and deadlines. 

 But I gain nothing stiff and braced. 

From high the wind seeks to find the low to change its pattern and its course.

So is the Creator seated on high, He seeks to change the lowly, the worn and tired, the sufferers, the lost, the anxious, the fearful, and in its place He offers His Holy eternal light that speaks love and peace. 

 Seasons change and with it so do seasons of life.

Days become shorter, always fleeing too quickly, some painfully but He gives hope in the new, a rebirth in every moment. 

And so the wind comes and leaves lose their green and colors once covered shine, soaking through in brilliant streaks of red, oranges, and yellows because there's still life hidden underneath it all. 

 The Spirit reveals it, the true self underneath that shell.

It’s shame and regret that can be seen but to carry on, to cry out in sorrow, to ride the wind, is to seek the light. 

 {It’s His light that draws and beckons so live it and speak it even though the winds push and pull because God breathed this life and its His Spirit that carries us along.}

God loves me the way that I am but I want to live the way that He lives.

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