"Don't Lose Heart"

A heart string was pulled.

The kind that slaps you back into reality. 

But then in breaks the light and the pastor speaks on exactly what teased, plucked, and pulled this string.

And He is so right and I am so wrong and we are all wronged, and everyone hurts when God no longer remembers. 

But we do remember, our flesh does, and we eat from it, live it, and share it with others this wrong, this mistake, this unfortunate sin nature.

Share sins and it consumes every step, every word, every action, it breathes its lie of destruction with its silent whispers.

But God, He wants nothing from this or of this. For it says bring no gift to God. 

He doesn't want it with this in hearts. 

This wrong as the motivating factor on how to live this one precious gift of life; these moments that waste in wants and pity's of self.

If God no longer remembers why the starving of flesh and souls peace to give way to fear, uncompromise, and pity.

It must be because God is no longer the center of hearts. When He is not the center We are and we miss. 

We miss out and we may not care. Time too much time has flown by; too many seeds have been sown that have fallen.

But we are always planting seeds..the seeds of life..of souls..of spirits..of fruit...of forgiveness..of love.

Don't lose heart, the seeds have not run out for the Giver gives them plentifully and we must sow the seeds that will reap harvests not just on earth but Gods harvest in His heart which will reap in ours.

Summer=sight of seedlings breaking through revealing there show of exuberant beauty, of its survival, of its root hidden underground strong, entwined in the reach soil that nourishes.

Entwine the roots of hearts and of souls into His word so that it nourishes and produces such a show of His glory that it stems life into Us the life that bears His fruit.

Don't lose heart.

Seeds, every instance is a chance to plant a seed.

Seeds will fall and scatter and will lay by the wayside useless and we may feel as it does useless, scattered but then we find the strength to plant a new seed and we hope and tend to it on His promises that love will sustain life.

Don't lose heart. The Giver rejoices when a seed has revealed its true heart broken and molded and tended by Him. 

Its the honest strive to dig deep into the depths of our soul and spirit to find His that gives us the light to shine even when the clouds hover dark. 

His light protects and tends and it grows this seed while time takes time and don't lose heart, it will grow if cared for and looked after. 

And they will come those that wish to choke the good and the life and the strength from them, don't grow weary. 

Seeds tenderly cared for are souls tenderly sown. 

Go through seeds. 

Some fall and some flourish but don't grow weary, plant the seeds that will reap a harvest of His words, His peace, and His joy, His blessings.

"Let us not lose heart in doing good, for in due time we will reap if we do not grow weary." Galations 6:9